“Biphobia in the Workplace” Workshop

Join us on 13 April (19:00) for the Workshop “Biphobia in the Workplace”, at de Roze Beurs in Leiden! The workshop was created by MA Gender Studies student Skylar Leslie to evaluate the current climate on bisexual awareness, workplace inclusion, and the efficacy of training techniques. It also relates to dealing with (University) hierarchies and diversity management.

As a part of Skylar’s Thesis research into the effectiveness of workshop training, the workshop’s efficacy is measured through a preliminary and post-workshop survey, to measure changes in knowledge and attitude surrounding bisexuality, biphobia and related issues. So the more the merrier!

This workshop discusses issues of biphobia, bisexual erasure and micro-aggression in order to address general concerns for bisexuals. It also addresses the results from previous work in terms of opinions on biphobia versus official regulations in place, bisexual employees’ opinions of their workplace and colleagues’ attitudes towards their bisexuality. From this comes a discussion of avoidant behaviours resulting from negative treatment, and the measures fellow employees and managers can adopt in order to support bisexual employees.

The workshop method was introduced to combat negative stereotypes and to provide an open platform for discussion, so feel free to come by and join the discussion!