LUP Movie Night: Circumstance (2011)

Hello, hello! Last Thursday we got to screen the film Circumstance (2011) at LUPride’s Movie Night as part of this month’s topic, LGBTQI+ and Religion (in collaboration with Amnesty International Student Group Leiden and ISN). Circumstance is a beautiful and sensual drama which revolves around the relationship between two schoolgirls, rebellious Atafeh and shy Shireen, in Tehran (Iran), and how it is affected by Atafeh’s brother’s obsession with Shireen and him turning to religion after overcoming his drug addiction. Blessed with clean and meaningful dialogues and music, this film was the perfect way to end the month after LUPride’s lecture on LGBTQI+ Issues and Islam, which will be followed by LGBTQI+ and Judaism on April 3rd.

After the movie, we all went on to enjoy a few drinks at our beloved Gaycafé De Roze Beurs, a safe space to speak, dance and meet new and interesting people! Thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed this movie with us, and thank you for making the last event of the month of March a success! All our events are open to anyone who wishes to come and make new friends!

Our next movie night will be held on April 26th and will be dedicated to the topic we will be discussing in April – intersectionality. As the previous movie nights, it will be accompanied by a lecture on the same topic, ‘Why is gay not the new black – Racism in the LGBTQI+ community,’ as part of the LUPride and Amnesty International Lecture Series.


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