Board members


Chair: Jonas

Hey, my name is Jonas! I study international security related Bachelors at Leiden University The Hague Campus, and at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. I joined LUP because I believe we all have the right to exist and thrive in safe, fair social spaces. In my free time, I also fight LGBTQ+ injustice as… Continue reading Chair: Jonas

Vice-Chair: Tiaan

  Hello! My name is Tiaan Westenberg and I am the vice-chair at LUPride. I did my BA in European Studies at The Hague University and completed my Master’s in Political Science at Leiden University; my thesis focuses on LGBTQ+ transnational identity and citizenship and nationalism. I am currently looking to pursue a PhD in… Continue reading Vice-Chair: Tiaan

Treasurer: Mirko

Howdy! My name is Mirko and since 2018 I am the treasurer of LUPride. I stand for a society where people are treated equally, no matter what their gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, economic conditions or beliefs are; where discriminations are actively fought, and where free access to knowledge, education and impartial information is guaranteed.… Continue reading Treasurer: Mirko

Event Manager: Mara

Hey everyone! My name is Mara and I am a third year psychology student. I am the event manager at LUP and I love working with these amazing people, while also learning more every lecture and connecting with more of you during socials! I think everyone deserves a safe space where one can be heard… Continue reading Event Manager: Mara

Marketing Manager: Martina

Hi everybody! I am Martina Colombo, and I take care of social media, promotions, and website at LUPride. I attended my Bachelor’s studies on Psychology in Milan, and I joined the Research Master’s Course in Social and Organizational Psychology last February 2018. My ambition is to keep studying intergroup conflicts, stereotypes, social norms and all… Continue reading Marketing Manager: Martina

Advisor & Blogger: Kirsten

Hi all! My name is Kirsten de Mare and I am a student at Leiden University. For the LGBT+ community I look for ways to bring people together and to incorporate our community into modern society, without the stamp of ‘being different,’ the need for labeling or different treatment whatsoever.