Marketing Manager: Martina

Hi everybody! I am Martina Colombo, and I take care of social media, promotions, and website at LUPride. I attended my Bachelor’s studies on Psychology in Milan, and I joined the Research Master’s Course in Social and Organizational Psychology last February 2018. My ambition is to keep studying intergroup conflicts, stereotypes, social norms and all other sort of social problems, so to give my contribution through research to their resolution. In Milano I was Vice-President AIESEC, active member of the Union of Atheist and Agnostic Rationalists (UAAR), and member of the entrepreneurial iBicocca association. Basically, I love staying busy and devoting myself to the causes I consider important. LGBT+ related issues are one of them, and in LUPride I stand for the liberation of gender and sexual identities from any form of social constraint.