Board of 2017 -2018


LUP Chair: Kirsten

  Hi all! My name is Kirsten de Mare and I am a student at Leiden University. For the LGBT+ community I look for ways to bring people together and to incorporate our community into modern society, without the stamp of ‘being different,’ the need for labeling or different treatment whatsoever.

Vice-Chair: Tiaan

  Hello! My name is Tiaan Westenberg and I am the vice-chair at LUPride. I did my BA in European Studies at The Hague University and am doing my Master’s in Political Science at Leiden University. In addition to my role at LUPride, I am a member of a Student Research Committee on Human Rights… Continue reading Vice-Chair: Tiaan

Treasurer: Mirko

Howdy! My name is Mirko and since 2018 I am the treasurer of LUPride. I stand for a society where people are treated equally, no matter what their gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, economic conditions or beliefs are; where discriminations are actively fought, and where free access to knowledge, education and impartial information is guaranteed.… Continue reading Treasurer: Mirko

Event Manager: Luisa

  Hi everyone, I’m Luisa! I’m an Event Manager for LU Pride and I’m doing a Master in International Relations. I come from Milan (Italy) and while I was studying for a Bachelor in Social & Political Sciences, I’ve been the head of the LGBT association of my university. Being biracial was always a struggle… Continue reading Event Manager: Luisa